If the information presented in Green Car News and Review has helped you find the car of your dreams, and has saved you some time and money, please consider a donation. We’re not proud and will gladly accept any amount. Think of it like tipping your waiter or waitress after a really good meal.

Donate $15 or more and as a token of our appreciation we’ll send you a key-chain LED flashlight. I love these little flashlights, the batteries seem to last forever and they are ready when you need them. If you already have one, they make great gifts.

Donate $75 or more and our gratitude knows no bounds. As an even greater token of our esteem we will send you a genuine Subaru Severe Weather companion. We don’t have a lot of these so we may run out (unlikely but it could happen). If you already have one, they make a great gift. The kit contains a flashlight with batteries, a small metal folding shovel, a heat reflective thermal blanket, 2 candles, a rain poncho and 3 packets of purified drinking water. It’s all packed in a small canvas bag with a Velcro strip on it so it doesn’t slide around in your trunk.

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