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2014 Chevy Spark EV Preview

Does the world need another small electric car?  Apparently GM thinks so as coming in late Summer of 2013 to a few states and Canada is the all new Chevy Spark EV.  Based on the platform of the gas powered Spark released last year, the Spark EV is General Motors first true electric vehicle. The […]

Ford Focus Electric Preview

The first electric car in Ford’s long history is the Focus Electric.  The Focus Electric starts at $39,200 — almost the same price as the Chevy Volt.  Unlike the Volt, the Focus Electric does not have an auxiliary gas engine to power the electric motor if the battery dies.  This means potential Focus buyers, like Nissan […]

2012 Nissan Leaf Review

The Good: It’s electric.  Quick response, no emissions, no gas (no gas stations), good ride, good handling and visibility.  Unbelievably quiet at low speeds. The Bad:  It’s electric.  If your battery dies you aren’t going anywhere until it’s recharged.  And the Leaf is expensive; currently the base price is $35,200 minus rebates. The Ugly:  It […]