Green Car News and Reviews was founded in 2012 to provide potential car buyers a reliable, unbiased source of information about fuel-efficient cars to help them save money and protect the environment.

Why take my word that Green Car News and Reviews is unbiased?  First of all, I don’t take any money from the auto industry and never will.  I don’t even carry advertising supplied by Google or other website advertising providers.  I didn’t like those ads, so I figure you probably don’t either.

I don’t expect anyone to visit the site because I am a great automotive writer.  I’m not.  What I try to do is provide factual information about fuel-efficient cars in a format that is useful to you, the reader.   Reviews tend to be short, to the point, and almost always include detailed comparisons with similar cars so you can make informed decisions.  New stories follow the same format as the reviews, short and to the point.

Generally you won’t find a lot of comments at the end of articles because every comment is moderated.  I have no use for “trolls” or spammers and delete their comments without hesitation.

Thanks for taking time to visit Green Car News and Reviews.  I hope it helps you find the right car.  Please come back often and tell your friends about it  – or simply like Green Car on Facebook or Google+ (their icons are at the end of each article).

Doug Smith, Webmaster

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