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Consumer Reports versus Ford

Recently Consumer Reports made headlines based on their testing of two new Ford hybrids:  the C-MAX and the Fusion.  Both hybrids carry EPA mileage stickers claiming the vehicles average 47 miles per gallon in combined city and highway driving.  However, according to Consumer Reports, the Fusion averaged only 39 miles per gallon, the C-MAX 37. […]

Toyota Prius Recall

November 14, 2012 — Toyota has announced two voluntary safety recalls that could affect up to 670,000 Prius hybrids.  The vehicles in question were manufactured from 2004 through 2009.  So far no accidents or injuries have been reported as having been caused by either of the two issues. The first recall covers the steering intermediate […]

2012 Toyota Prius c Review

The Good:  Great MPG, low price, decent ride and handling and a more traditional shifter. The Bad:  Sluggish off the line. The Ugly:  Two-tone car seats. The Prius c (c for city) fixes almost everything I disliked about the third generation Prius (now known as the Prius HB).  The Prius c is cheaper and gets […]