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2014 Nissan Rogue Preview

Is it possible for an SUV to be green?  Maybe so.  For 2014 Nissan is unveiling the 2nd generation Rogue.  The first generation Rogue was a very good seller for Nissan – only the Altima sold more – but it had its drawbacks, poor rear visibility comes to mind.  With the 2nd generation Rogue Nissan […]

2013 Chevy Cruze

The Chevy Cruze is a good car for the money, it handles well, has good acceleration, firm but comfortable seats and is relatively quiet.  Its not a great car, but a good one, on a par with the Dodge Dart – the new one, not the one from the 60’s – although those old Darts […]

2013 Ford Fusion

For 2013 Ford has completely redesigned the Fusion.  As a family sedan the Fusion was a good car.  Now it is a great one.  Gone is the 3-bar grill that reminded some of a triple blade razor.  Now the front-end looks like one that belongs on a luxury car such as a Maserati or an […]

2013 Subaru Impreza Review

Sometimes it seems like Subaru is the Rodney Dangerfield of auto manufacturers… they just don’t get any respect.  They make excellent cars but when it is time to buy a new one most people forget that Subaru even exists.  The truth is, if you want a well made, all-wheel drive vehicle at a reasonable price, […]

2013 BMW X1 Review

New to the United States for 2013 is the BMW X1.  The X1 is a fun-to-drive, powerful, sporty… station wagon.  It’s expensive yet thrifty, elegant yet utilitarian.  Like the porridge of legend, it’s not too hot, not too cold, it’s just right. So how can a station wagon be sporty?  By hiding that it is […]