Reviewer: Subaru No More

Vehicle: 2009 Subaru Forester

Miles per gallon:

Summary:  Don’t buy on impulse

Rating: 3.5

Purchase Date:

Mileage: 10,000

Reliability:  No problems

Review:  I liked the Subaru at first, especially the new styling, but the longer I drove it the less it impressed me.  A friend of mine had an earlier model Forester and it was as good looking, or as big, but it seemed a lot better made.  Another thing I didn’t like was the seats, they were ugly and uncomfortable.  The last straw was winter driving.  After hearing so much about how great Subarus are in the winter, this car was a real disappointment.  My wife had a two wheel drive Kia and it was as good in the snow as the Subaru.

Reviewer: Subie2

Vehicle: 2001 Subaru Forester

Miles per gallon: 22-23

Summary:  A good car for the money

Rating: 5

Purchase Date:  July, 2001

Mileage:  30,000

Reliability:  Excellent

Review:  Hard to beat the Forester, just a really solid little car.  Not the best looking car on the road, but after awhile that was part of it’s charm.  It reminded me of a fake Volvo add I saw in a movie where they said “Volvo: boxy, but good”.  The Forester was the same way, nothing flashy but a decent car.

Favorite feature was the ride and handling.  With the All-Wheel drive you feel simply glued to the road.  Our Forester had a sun roof and it was huge.  The biggest I’ve ever seen on a small car.  Really made the car seem larger than it was.

The thing I would improve is the interior.  We didn’t mind the exterior being ugly, but the interior is where we spend our time and it could have been better.  The seats are incredibly firm.


Vehicle:  1999 Subaru Forester

Miles per gallon:

Summary:  Fabulous, indestructible little wagon

Rating:  5

Purchase Date:  Oct 1999

Mileage: 27,000

Reliability:  Outstanding

Review:  Fell in love with it the first time I drove it, have been buying Subarus ever since.  I originally intended to buy a Honda CRV, but the Subaru dealer gave us a much better deal on our trade-in than the Honda dealer (plus the salesman at the Honda dealer was a condescending jerk).  The thing that impressed me the most was the ride and handling.  I was used to a minivan so the Subaru has a natural advantage in terms of handling but still, it rode like it was on rails.  No body lean at all.  When we had the minivan it always felt like it was going to tip over on corners but no  way with the Forester.

The only reason we traded it was so we could buy another one with more features.

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