Reviewer: ChevyGuy

Vehicle:  HHR

Miles per gallon: 23 city, about 30 highway

Summary:  Fun car with a manual tranny

Rating: 4

Purchase Date: 2006

Mileage: 68,000

Reliability:  Excellent

Review:  I’d wanted a PT Cruiser but they were just to small and according to a friend, not very well made.  The HHR was cheap, and thanks to the 5-speed manual, kind of fun to drive.  If the engine had had more power it would have been a contender.  As it was, the HHR got good gas mileage, over 30 on long drives, plus it held all the stuff we put in it.

I really liked the burnt orange color, it really made it stand out, plus the retro look made it look more expensive than it was.

Traded it in 2011 for another HHR because Chevy was going to stop making them.  Big mistake Chevy.

Reviewer: 59Ford

Vehicle:  2007 HHR LS

Miles per gallon: 25

Summary:  A good little station wagon

Rating:  4

Purchase Date:  January 2007

Reliability:  Very good

Review:  We bought the base model because it was well equipped, yet pretty cheap, with a sticker price around $17,000, plus Chevy must have really been trying to sell them because the dealer knocked a over a $1000 off.

Don’t buy an HHR for handling and acceleration because you’ll be disappointed, but if you buy it as a grocery getter it will do fine.  Biggest drawback is the visibility.  You’d pull up to a stop light and if it is one of the overhanging kind, you can’t see it because the roof of the car blocks it due to the windshield being so tiny.

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