2010 Kia Soul

Review:  My wife loved the alien green Kia Soul the moment she saw it.  Rather than fight it out I did what any good husband would do and caved.  I should have fought.  After a year my wife was tried of the noisy engine, hard ride (even harder seats) and overall low-quality feel.  I never could stand the car as it seemed so cheap.  Every time I touched the hatch lid it felt like it would come off in my hand.  The sheet metal just seemed too thin.

At least we didn’t have any problems with the Kia and the 5 year warranty is a good deal.  Also, it had the upgraded radio package that did sound pretty good.  We traded the Kia for a Nissan Cube which is a much better car.  The Cube has more comfortable seats, its quieter and gets much better gas mileage, usually around 32 per gallon compared to the Soul’s 22.

Reviewer:  FirstKia

Summary:  Souled out

Rating: 4

Reliability:  Excellent

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