2010 Toyota Rav4

Review:  One of the least fun cars I’ve ever owned.  At first I thought having the spare tire on the tail gate was a good idea, but I quickly learned to hate it.  Because of the tire the tail gate has to swing out to the right, it isn’t hinged at the top like most SUVs.

Still there were some good things.  Lots of space in back, especially if the rear seats are folded down.  One of the nicest features was there was a lever in the cargo area that you could pull that would cause the back seats to automatically fold down.  Really handy.

One thing that surprised me was, unlike other Toyotas my wife and I have owned, the Rav was surprisingly noisy.  The ride was nothing special either.  It was good in the snow though which was the main reason we bought it.

Reviewer: Doug

Summary:  Noisy, hard riding with no personality

Rating: 3 star

Reliability: 5


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