2004 Mini Cooper

Review:  I bought the Cooper as a birthday gift for my wife and for a while she really loved it.   Even though windshield cracked for no reason, that wasn’t the reason we traded it after two years.  The main reason was my the amount of attention the car drew, my wife began to feel uncomfortable about all these strangers coming up to her and asking her about her car.  Also the car drew negative attention in that one day while it was in the parking lot where she worked some kids spay painted graffiti on it.  It took fast action by a local body shop to save the finish of the car, we were lucky we didn’t have to repaint it.

From a driving standpoint it just doesn’t get any better.  The mini was a joy to drive.  Also for a small car, it never felt small, the visibility was so good and the ride so solid that I always felt in complete control when driving it.  Also, if you buy a Mini buy one with a stick shift, it makes it so much more fun to drive.

Biggest drawback was the back seat, really useless.  Most of the time we left it folded down so there was room for groceries.  I miss the car, but my wife doesn’t.

Reviewer:  MiniMe

Summary:  More fun than people should be allowed to have

Rating: 4 star

Reliability:  Reliability was the main reason we traded it in  The windshield cracked within a few month.  After the windshield was fixed it was never the same.



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