2003 Subaru Baja

.Review:  The only truck I’ve ever owned.  Dumbest thing I ever did was trade it in on a Volvo.

The Baja was fun to drive, great in the winter and I was able to load my son’s entire dorm room into it.  Only drawback was there was no bed cover for it so anything in the back got wet if it rained.  Also, I never did find a use for the pass-thru from the truck-bed to the back seat.

It would have been the perfect little truck if there would have been some way of putting a 4×8 sheet of plywood into the bed.  Still, the bed-extender helped a lot.  Overall it was a very practical little truck.  There have been hundreds of times since I sold it that I wished I still had it.

Reviewer: Baja1

Summary:  Great little truck

Rating: 5 star

Reliability:  Never had any problems with it, but only owned it for a couple of years

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