Chevy HHR

Review:  I’d wanted a PT Cruiser but they were just to small and according to a friend, not very well made. The HHR was cheap, and thanks to the 5-speed manual, fun to drive. If the engine had more power it would have been a contender. As it was, the HHR got good gas mileage, over 30 on long drives, plus it held all the stuff we put in it.

I really liked the burnt orange color, it really made it stand out, plus the retro look made it look more expensive than it was. It was surprisingly quiet and the ride was okay, not much for cornering though.

Traded it in 2011 for another HHR because Chevy was going to stop making them. Big mistake Chevy.

Reviewer: ChevyGuy

Summary:  Fun car with a stick shift

Rating: 5 star

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