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Top 10 Used Hybrids

If you want to take part in the green revolution but can’t afford a new hybrid there is an alternative that didn’t exist 10 years ago; buy a used one. Now that hybrids have been on the market for just over a decade used ones are starting to show up on some car lots.  With […]

Premium vs. Regular

When gas prices rise the cost difference between premium and regular gas becomes much more noticeable.   Being the frugal Scotsman that I am, I couldn’t help but wonder at what point does it make more sense to buy a car that gets lower miles per gallon, but uses regular gas, as opposed to the higher […]

2012 Nissan Juke

The good: handles well. Interesting interior, turbo engine standard, All-Wheel Drive available.  Bluetooth and a USB port are standard. The bad: Turbo lag, harsh noisy ride. The ugly: The front-end, but you may find that after awhile it kind of grows on you. Lately Nissan has been building some rather odd looking cars. First there […]