Honda Insight to be Discontinued


Honda has announced 2014 will be the last year of the Insight – or at least the last year of this generation of the Insight.

On February 28, as part of a media release regarding its commitment to expanding its line of Hybrids, Honda slipped in this paragraph:

“Keyed to the continued rollout of a new lineup of Earth Dreams™ Technology engines, transmissions and electro-motive technologies, the strategy will be executed over the next three to four years and will include changes to the Honda lineup of advanced technology environmental vehicles, including the Honda Insight. The U.S. model Insight will be available at Honda dealerships nationwide through the end of the year, with production scheduled to end in summer 2014.”

I’ve always liked the Insight. While it never hit the 50 mile per gallon mark like the Prius, it was considerably cheaper. Also, if you lived in the northern half of the country, the Insight wasn’t a bad buy. Why? Because the Insight doesn’t rely on battery power as much as the Prius. While in the summer the Prius was a clear winner, in the winter – at least in my experience – the Insight’s mileage didn’t drop as much as the Prius. Last of all, I just found the Insight to be a more attractive vehicle.

Honda’s news release goes on to say:

Honda’s hybrid product direction in the U.S. will move forward with greater focus on expanded application of the innovative two-motor hybrid system. The two-motor system was introduced on the 2014 Accord Plug-In Hybrid and powers the EPA-rated 50 mpg city Accord Hybrid, which is the most fuel-efficient rating for a 5-passenger sedan in America.

My guess is we haven’t seen the last of the Insight. I suspect in a year or two a third generation Insight will be available.  At least, I hope so.

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